October Recap for Reactor Interactive!

March 5th play session 3

The month of October for Sector 13:October 2014 was a bit of a milestone for Reactor Interactive - for the first time ever, we have begun to actively market Sector 13. Stefanie Clark has come on-board as our marketing and community manager, and our efforts to evangelize the game began in earnest. We first focused on Twitter and Facebook, starting to share our daily development activities, artwork, milestones, and most importantly, our playtesting sessions and Twitch.tv broadcasts (streaming live every Thursday at 10pm EST!)

The results were immediately impactful. Sector 13 won the Image of Day contest on Gamedev.net twice in the first three attempts at entering the screenshot showdown. We had interviews and features posted in and on Indie Game Mag and PunkandLizard.com. Our Twitter followers quadrupled in three weeks. This was all from a few weeks of finally putting ourselves out there.

In the past, we always hesitated to do any active marketing. We know we are very early in development. We know that first impressions are absolutely critical and that Sector 13 is no where near a finished, polished product. However, we all agreed that it is time to start finding our audience because Sector 13 IS two very important things: it is a beautiful game that we believe all fans of indie games, indie game art, and the game development process could enjoy following. It is also, even at this very early stage, an incredibly fun game to play.

Speaking of fun to play, our weekly Twitch.tv broadcasts where we invite people to come play test alongside the developers have been a blast. Our multiplayer deathmatches are every bit as fun as we always dreamed they would be, full of those "holy cow!" moments we loved in the games that inspired us. Most of the development work through the month of October was aimed at making these multiplayer sessions more fun, more stable, and more bug-free. We are adding new arenas, new weapons, and new starfighters to keep making it even more fun to test week after week.

Speaking of new arenas, our other major accomplishment in October was the finishing of a major "showpiece" asset for our next arena, the Shipyards of Hell's Porch. We started to play test this arena the first week of November, and we're excited to finally add another locale for the action to take place in during our weekly tests.

Along with finishing some major work on a new arena, work towards a third new arena - the Ice Fields of Kamma Doré - began in earnest in October as well. This arena was inspired by one of our great cult loves of the 90's, the movie Titan A.E. Our art team is at work creating new arena assets like ice crystal formations, research outposts, skybox textures and custom shader effects to pull this new locale together.

October was a great, fun-filled month for Sector 13, and we can't wait to see what November brings. We hope you'll take a moment to follow us on Twitter @LifeInSector13 and give our Facebook page a like at http://facebook.com/sector13game - thanks for reading!