A Brief History of Sector 13

ACMC Scabbard

Sector 13 is a multi-national, multi-occupational, and multi-generational project, originating as the college dream of Drew Clark and Ryan Buhr in 2001.  The game began taking shape as Drew and Ryan invited volunteer developers to dream with them, resulting in the award-winning Sector 13: Version Zero. A screenshot from the first version of Sector 13 in 2004.

The 2005 success of Version Zero at Game Developers Conference provided Drew and Ryan with an opportunity to enter the industry full-time with Dutch developer ISOTX.  While building ISOTX’s Iron Grip series into an award-winning franchise, they were unable to work on Sector 13.  However, the latent dream that was Sector 13 never released its hold on Drew and Ryan, prompting them to continue its development after leaving ISOTX in 2012.

They reassembled the original development team, but realizing that their dream had grown over time, they kept on recruiting, eventually including team members from North America and Europe, ranging in age from their 20’s into their 60’s, and that hold jobs in fields as diverse as programming, medicine, military, and religion.  The team's varied backgrounds, passions, and influences combined with our common commitment to Sector 13 provide the creative fuel to develop a game combining elements of classic space shooters with the exciting multiplayer and immersive graphics of modern first-person-shooters.

Screenshot from the current multiplayer pre-Alpha build.

We are working hard on bringing this dream into reality, and have progressed far from the Version Zero days.  With fully-functional multiplayer and a hangar full of playable starfighters, we are working hard to create breathtaking cosmic vistas, dazzling special effects, and edge-of-your-seat dogfighting action not seen since the glory days of Wing Commander.  Our hope is that as people experience what we have dreamed, they will dream with us, allowing us to expand the Sector 13 Universe into the epic playground in which we've always wanted to live.